400SPX PureClean and SediMax Filter replacement Pack


Replacement Filters for use with VitaPure 400; the world first 3 stage in-line filter system with Vitamin C Shower. Which removes 100% of Chlorine and Chloramines.

Includes 2x Sedimax Filter and 1x PureClean Filter

First stage Sedimax filter with FIR ceramics to remove turbidity and enhance water clusters. Second stage PureClean Activated Carbon Fibre Filter with CaSo3 chlorine removal balls which together eliminate Chlorine, Rust, Sediment, Bacteria, Heavy Metals, Phenols and THM.

Third stage Vitamin C are sold separately making this unit the most effective way to naturally remove remaining chlorates and soften hard water. Chlorine is associated with dry itchy skin, dry brittle hair, fatigue and many other chronic health problems and atopic conditions including Asthma and eczema.


  • Super Quality Compact Sized Multi Layer Filter combined with ACF and Sediment (10 times)
  • FIR/Negative Ion Technology
  • Anti-bacterial Sediment Block Filter
  • Removes Rust, Bacteria, Chlorine (80%), Phenol
  • 3 Micron filtration
  • Easy to Install & Use
  • 100% Recyclable Material (PP)


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