SONAKI Australia and VitaPure takes your shower experience to new levels with

The world’s most advanced Vitamin-C shower filter technology

Your shower is the place where you start your day. It should be a source of renewal and relaxation not a chemical cocktail – which is why creating a chlorine free shower is so important.

Chlorine is a serious irritant and creates carcinogenic by-products. Persons with sensitive skin, skin rashes, specific skin allergies, very dry skin need the most efficient shower filter to reduce their exposure to the aggressive effects of chlorine to the maximum extent possible.

Keep your shower NOT the Chemicals

Love your shower? VitaPure’s inline filter system lets you keep your existing shower or choose the added functionality of SONAKI showers with enhanced ceramic water conditioning.

SONAKI Australia brings you the world’s first fully integratable shower platform featuring our functional range of water saving showers. When used in conjunction with VitaPure dechlorination technology it will provide you with the softest safest shower you have ever experienced.

The Most Stylish, and Functional Showers Ever Seen

Our range of fully reconditioned used demo showers offers you the opportunity  to expand your Sonaki VitaPure shower system (Subject to Availability). We give you the choice from our exciting hand showers at a fraction of the cost of other Vitamin Hand Showers kits on the market. These showers can be used in conjunction with Sonaki Vitamin C filters cartridges or fitted with a ceramic filter cartridge that offers Far Infra Red and Negative Ion water conditioning. 

VitaPure is the first Vitamin dechlorination system to feature the PureMax filter with Activated Carbon Fibre and FIR ceramic. Filters Sediment, Chlorine, Metals, THM, Phenol and other disinfection by-products. FIR ceramics reduce water cluster size then the final stage Vitamin-C dechlorination removes remaining Chlorine (99.9%).

Only VitaPure Delivers 6 Stage Water Filtering and Chlorine Removal

VitaPure works to flawlessly remove Chlorine, Chloramines, Trihalomethane (THM), Bacteria, Phenol and Heavy Metals from your shower – producing pure water.

Only VitaPure delivers you effective 6 stage water filtering and chlorine removal using an Activated Carbon Fibre (ACF) Filter, Vitamin-C filtration and Far Infra Red (FIR) to activate water, enhance blood circulation and metabolism, and reduce body toxins. Anti-bacterial activity.

The Sonaki Range:

The VitaPure Range:

SONAKI Range Features;

  • Dual Function Hand Shower
  • FIR/Neg ION Ceramic Showers
  • Vitamin Shower Filtration: 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin-C
  • Easy Installation and Use.

VitaPure Range includes;

  • FIR/Neg ION Ceramic Showers
  • Vitamin Shower Filtration: 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin-C
  • Sediment Filters
  • Bacteria Filtration
  • Easy Installation and Use.

Vitamin-C Shower Filtration: Improves damaged skin and hair. Vitamin dechlorination also helps preventing Atopic diseases including Eczema, Psorosis and protects your lungs and arteries from chlorine damage. The de-chlorination agent is 100% Pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C which instantly neutralises  chlorine by oxygen reduction (Redox) and produces quality clean water safe for everyone. It is non-toxic to aquatic life. Filters up to 10,000 litres.

Writting In The Shower

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