VitaPure 400


World first 3 stage in-line filter system with Vitamin C Shower. Removes 100% of Chlorine and Chloramines.

First stage Sedimax filter with FIR ceramics to remove turbidity and enhance water clusters. Second stage PureClean Activated Carbon Fibre Filter with CaSo3 chlorine removal balls which together eliminate Chlorine, Rust, Sediment, Bacteria, Heavy Metals, Phenols and THM. Third stage Vitamin C is the most effective way to naturally remove remaining chlorates and soften hard water. Chlorine is associated with dry itchy skin, dry brittle hair, fatigue and many other chronic health problems and atopic conditions including Asthma and eczema.

Vitamin-C eliminates 99.9% of Chlorine and Chloramines and softens hard water.

Vitamin C also reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reduces protein fibre damage, increase collagen production and reduces dandruff rough dry skin. The high antioxidant levels in Vitamin C help to protect the skin from free radical skin damage caused by UV rays.  It also makes hair softer and hair colour lasts longer. 

including Silkwood Hand-shower

The Elliptical shower rose array and mist nozzles makes this one of the best  showers available from the Sonaki Range.

The Silkwood Hand-Shower delivers  a satisfying wide shower stream or choose the breathtaking spa like mist effect that generates increased Anions in a surrounding mist.

VitaPure 400 Kit contains:

  • 1 x PureClean 3 Micron Filter removes Chlorine, Bacteria, THM and Metals.
  • 1 x Sedimax filter removes rust, dirt and other impurities
  • 3 x VCF-01 Vitamin Filter -100% food grade Vitamin-C.
  • SVH-111 Silkwood Hand-shower
  • Spanners for installation.

Only VitaPure delivers you effective 8 stage water filtering and chlorine removal using an Activated Carbon Fibre (ACF) Filter, CaSo3 Ceramic balls and Vitamin-C filtration and Far Infra Red (FIR) ceramics to activate water, enhance blood circulation and metabolism, reduce body toxins and has anti-bacterial activity.

VitaPure works to flawlessly remove Chlorine and Chloramines from your shower – producing pure water. Installs in minutes


  • Housing Impact Resistant, Heat Proof; 80° to -20°C
  • ABS,PC, SILICON, BRASS construction.
  • Hose/Shower connection: 21mm BSP 1/2″ M
  • Hexagonal Nut: 21mm BSP 1/2″ F
  • Removes Chlorine/Chloramines; 100% Food Grade Vitamin-C.
  • PureClean 3 Micron ACF Filter
  • Sedimax 5 micron blown filter with FIR ceramics
  • Including Tourmaline ceramics
  • Ceramic Emission type – Far Infra Red (FIR)
  • Manufactures Warranty – 1 year

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