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patented blend of inorganic materials mixed with inorganic stone and clay, comprising over 50 natural minerals combined to create an enhanced experience


FIR/Negative Ion Technology

Replaceable Filter cartridges for use with SONAKI Hand Showers.

Emits Electromagnetic spectrum Far Infra Red (FIR) and Negative Ions (Anions) which help enhance the immune system, increase oxygen in the blood, increase metabolism, reduce toxins and help protect against the harmful effects of chlorine on the skin.

FIR is known to have the effect of reducing water cluster size; water molecules in large clusters will naturally separate into micro-clusters, which is the natural state of water. FIR activated water increases the ability of the water to act. Smaller water molecules are more easily absorbed by the skin, which aids to moisturise.

As water passes through the ceramic bead the FIR activates the water creating abundant negative ions. Ceramics also have an anti-bacterial effect through the FIR activation of the water.


  • Emits Far Infrared/Negative ions
  • Makes magnetized hexagonal water
  • Makes water softer
  • Anti-Bacterial Activity
  • Filter Life: 100,000 Litres
  • Suitable for use with SONAKI Hand Showers/VitaPure 50


Colour Black
Size 5mm
Specific Gravity 2.4
Emit fir/neg ion 93%
Net Weight (g) 60
Main Material ABS, Ceramic
  • Sonaki Max FIR Filter

    SONAKI MaxFIR Filter x1