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Patented blend of inorganic materials mixed with inorganic stone and clay, comprising over 50 natural minerals combined to create an enhanced experience

SONAKI Super Ceramic Filter

FIR/Negative Ion Technology

Replaceable Filter cartridges for use with SONAKI Hand Showers.

Modern technology and pollution generates a large quantity of positive ions. When water passes through the ceramic bead the Ceramic material activates the water creating abundant Negative Ions.

An Ionic Shower creates a healthier, more refreshing, shower environment in your home. Also emits FIR which activates water and reduces the size of water clusters. Smaller water clusters are absorbed better and provide more benefits to the skin, hair and blood stream. FIR is also known to help increase blood circulation and metabolism, and reduce body toxins.


  • Excellent porosity structure
  • Emits Negative ions/FIR
  • Chlorine Encasement/De-chlorination
  • Activates water molecules
  • De-odourises
  • Anti-Bacterial Activity
  • Filter Life: 100,000 Litres
  • Suitable for use with SONAKI Hand Showers/VitaPure 50


Colour Ocre/Red
Size 5mm
Specific Gravity 2.4
 Emit FIR 92.8%
Net Weight (g) 60
Main Material ABS, Ceramic
  • SONAKI Super Ceramic Filter

    Sonaki Super Ceramic Filter