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Sonaki St Clair Hand Shower

The Sonaki St Clair Hand Shower features an 180°adjustable face and adjustable flow control.

Classy with a  wide and stylish adjustable face that delivers a shower stream comparable to any overhead rain type shower with the added convenience of a hand held shower.

A soft luxurious shower in your hands.

The ability to rotate the stream forward means the St Clair can extended on a raiser to be used as an overhead shower.

The versatility of the Sonaki Shower Platform means you can choose between Vitamin Filtration or enhance the Ceramic Water Conditioning of your existing VitaPure system by switching to a Ceramic FIR or Negative Ion Filter.

NB: Ceramic FIR/Neg ION Technology. Sonaki Ceramic Shower filters and the VitaPure PureMax filter contain Ceramics that generate Far Infra Red radiation (FIR) and Negative Ions.  FIR is also known to help increase blood circulation and metabolism, and reduce body toxins.

  • Hose connection: 21mm BSP 1/2″
  • Used reconditioned ex-demonstration model

Vitamin Filtration: 

Sonaki VCF-01: Instantly removes Chlorine and Chloramines and softens water: 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin-C.

Ceramic Filtration: 

Sonaki RCF-A/B Emission type – Far Infra Red, Negative Ion by emission.


  • De-chlorinating agent is 100% pharmacetical & food grade of Vitamin
  • Totally neutralizes Chlorine & Chloramines
  • Improves condition of skin and texture of hair
  • Attaches easily to any shower fixture without lowering the height
  • Replaceable cartridge filter life of up to 10,000 liters
  • Meets the de-chlorinating requirements of the EPA’s Clean Water Act
  • Environmentally safe
  • Contains a nutrient which is essential for better health



NB Shower Arm is not included in the kit.




Model No.
Colour Yelow / Blue
Spray Volume 1㎏f/㎠ 7.5
2㎏f/㎠ 10.4
3㎏f/㎠ 11.8
Net Weight (g) 238
Size (W*L*H) 260 x 110 x 38 mm
Water Pressure 0.7 ~ 12.5(kgf/cm2)
Main Material ABS, PC, Ceramic

Chlorine exposure can cause physical fatigue, mental depression and a lowered auto-immune function. Making it harder for your body to ward off infectious diseases.

  • SONAKI St Clair Hand Shower