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Turn Your Shower Into a Home Spa Experience with SONAKI.

SONAKI Silkwood Hand Shower

The Elliptical shower rose array and mist nozzles makes this one of the best  showers available from the Sonaki Range.

The Silkwood Forest Hand Shower delivers real a satisfying wide shower stream or choose the breathtaking spa like mist effect that generates increased Anions in a surrounding mist.

SBH111SprayDiagram copy

Features Dual Shower/Mist functionality and is comparable with Sonaki Vitamin Filters. The versatility of the Sonaki Shower Platform means you can choose between Vitamin Filtration or enhance the Ceramic Water Conditioning of your existing VitaPure system by switching to a Ceramic FIR or Negative Ion Filter.

  • Hose connection: 21mm BSP 1/2″
  • Used reconditioned ex-demostration model

Vitamin Filtration

  • Removes Chlorine; 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin-C.

Ceramic Filtration

  • Emission type – Far Infra Red, Negative Ion by emission.


  • Remove 99% of chlorine & chloramines using only a Vitamin C Filter
  • Transparent body which can see working of Vitamin C Filter
  • Soft & Misty spray
  • 3 spray patterns with switch control. (Misty / Stop /Shower)
  • Easy to install and convenient use (International Standard, G1/2×14)
  • Powerful durability against water pressure
  • Water saving by 50%.



NB Kit Does Not Include Shower Arm




Model No.
SBH-11w / SBH-11CR
Colour White / Chrome
Spray Volume 1㎏f/㎠ 4.6
2㎏f/㎠ 6.0
3㎏f/㎠ 7.4
Net Weight (g) 184 / 185
Size (W*L*H) 234 x 61 x 57 mm
Water Pressure 0.7~5.5 (kgf/cm2)
Main Material ABS, NBR, POM

  • SONAKI silkwood forest

    Sonaki Silkwood Hand Shower