At Sonaki Australia we are aware that once you switch to VitaPure Vitamin dechlorination and FIR/Anion technology,  you are not going to want to get out of the shower. The luxurious feel of pure Vitamin-C softened water and the cascade of Negative Ions surrounding you and improving your mood are too good.

There are several things you can do to ensure you are not squandering our precious resources;

Firstly we recommend you install a WELS certified low flow,  water efficient shower. The Sonaki range of hand showers have certified flow rates of  around 7.5 litres per minute whilst still delivering a completely satisfying water stream.

Secondly install a shower timer so you can monitor your showering activity. You can work out your average shower time and start to reduce it. By reducing your average shower time by one minute you can make substantial water and energy savings.

For example using the Sonaki Silkwood shower flow rate of around 7.5L/m if you take just one 10 minute shower you will use 75L , over a year thats around 27,375L (Frightening isn’t it?) if you  shorten this by just one minute the annual consumption will be 24,637L which represents a saving of around 2,738L/annum.

Not to mention the cost of heating water. Which is actually a large component of  energy costs in any household, so you can see how taking a responsible shower could save you not only money, but also our natural resources.