About Sonaki Australia + VitaPure

Are you concerned for the health of your skin and hair?
Are you concerned about Chlorine levels in your water and what it may be doing to your health?

So are we.

At SONAKI Australia we believe that your morning shower should be not only invigorating, but healthy as well.


“We are very satisfied with our showerhead. We recently hooked up to city water and I was having a very bad reaction to all the chlorine in it. I had very itchy dry skin especially on my face which was red in some areas. My skin improved within days and is no longer itchy. I highly recommend it. I will say i bought extra cartridges and mine are lasting a couple of months. We use it 2-3 times a day. I am glad we have extras, it is worth every penny!!!!!”

Brian & Trish

“My name is Christa Guerlley, I live in North Carolina and the water here is loaded with chlorine and other chemicals. I purchased the Sonaki Vitamin Hand Shower in August this year. I have very dry skin and the chlorine in the water makes it worse and I was always itching all over. Since purchasing and using the sonaki vitamin shower I do not have that problem anymore. My hair is soft and shiny and my skin is now soft and does not itch anymore. I am so glad I found this product. It was shown on the HGTV show “I want that”. Sonaki can be very proud of this product as it delivers what it promises.”


“We are very happy with our Sonaki Vitamin C Shower. In fact, we are telling everyone we know about them. It is an excellent shower flow in addition to the Vitamin C benefit. Makes taking a shower a pleasure! spent some time on your web site, noticing that you have other Vitamin C shower heads than the one that is currently selling. When will they be available????
No issues at all ordering or getting the unit. Very good instructions. We are totally satisfied, but, would purchase another one if there is a different model available offering more stream flow options.”

Jim and Barbara

“It took me awhile to get the product installed, but since I installed it I am completely satisfied with the product. I have a really itching time with my skin and the shower head has almost alleviated the problem. I am so happy with the product and I hope that the product will always be around to order more filters.”

Carla Scott

I noticed from the very first shower how the water felt completely different. My skin wasn’t dry, so no need to apply lotion, and washing my hair was a new experience – no flaky skin and the texture and finish was so much better than before.

Darlene Seale